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To uczucie kiedy niktcię nie rozumie –  TAUL SO****how
 –  How to make thebest airplane
 –  How to quit your jobTO MY
 –  How to save someone froma fire?OSPOSP
 –  How Chasebecame best friendswith his baby cousin..
Czarnoskóry student medycyny opracował podręcznik pokazujący jak symptomy różnych chorób wyglądają na ciemnej skórze, ponieważ na uczelni uczyli go tylko na białych pacjentach –  His name is Malone MukwendeBlack medical student creates ahandbook to show how symptomsof disease appear on darker skinafter he was only taught how todiagnose conditions on whitepatients6.98KAWASAKI DISEASE COMPARISON
 –  AnonymousPolish08/14/23(Mon)10:10:26 No.74378718Yes I'm Polish, howcould you tell?HELLOSzczyjkjchzyWojwekszcsj63225d5ba295e.jpg58 KB JPG> be me> decide to try polish on duolingo> first words they try to teach me are:> mezczyzna>dziewczyna> ciasteczka> konstantynopolitanczykowianeczka>brzeczyszczykiewiczI don't want to learn Polish anymore. :/
 –  How on Earth did they get apeacock on a plane 99
 –  hey, Russia,how's it going?Chriso wiki@Chriso_wiki1/ Widespread reports are emerging ofa programme of forced militaryrecruitment in Russian penal colonies,with prisoners being evaluated for theirfitness to be drafted into 'Storm Z'assault units. Desperate convicts aresaid to be trying to contract HIV toavoid the draft.9:12 PM-Aug 8, 2023-489.1K ViewsJesusChrist.
 –  Zatrzymuje mnie dzisiaj policjant,opuszczam szybę, w radiu graScooter - How Much Is The Fish.Sięgam ręką, żeby ściszyć, policjantpowstrzymuje mnie i mówi:- Proszę zostawić, niech gra.Stoi tak nade mną przez 30 sekund poczym mówi:- lle to już lat minęło... Byliśmy wtedytacy młodzi - wzdycha ciężko. - Kiedyśto była muzyka i artyści... a terazsłychać tylko same przećpane głosy.Dziękuję. To był miły powrót doprzeszłości. Udanej podróży.
Pewnych historii – Po prostu nie należy nikomu opowiadać ***and that'show I spentmy summerVacation.0.Young Stephen KingCARTOONSTOCKSearch IDF Fmc0026
 –  How we found himtwo years ago...
Wynika to z badania przeprowadzonego przez firmę Deloitte Kolejnym wnioskiem jest to, że największy strach przed AI dotyczy zawodów, które wymagają rutynowych zadań, takich jak księgowość, obsługa klienta i produkcja. –  Global Country AverageIndonesiaMalaysiaThailandImpact of Alon Current JobAl will change how you do your current job57%How likely, if at all, do youthink it is that Al willin the next 5 years?% Likely (very/somewhat)BrazilSouth AfricawwwColombiaUnivPeruSingaporeMexicoTurkeyIndiaChileArgentinaSpainRomaniaItalyAustraliaPolandBrandFrancevaniceSouthKoreahoreaGreatBritainDitamUnited StatesnatgeNew ZealandIrelandCanadaNetherlandsJapanBelgiumHungaryGermanySweden35%35%41%40%38%43%42%50%49%48%47%47%59%54%63%63%60%57%53%52%260052%50%62%69%68%67%71%73%187%81%78%Al will replace your current jobGlobal Country AverageThailandBase: 14,782 employed adults under the age of 75 across 31 countries, interviewed May 26-June 9, 2023 -- online only in all countries except India.The "Global Country Average reflects the average result for all the countries where the survey was conducted. It has not been adjusted to the population size of each country or market and is not intended to suggest a total resultThe samples in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and Turkey are more urban, more educated, and/or more affuent than the general populationⒸIpsos | Global Views on A.I. 2023 | July 2023 | Public22MalaysiaIndonesiaBrazilIndiaSouth AfricaPeruColombiaTurkeySingaporeChileMexicoJapanPolandArgentinaSpainRomaniaItalySouth KoreaAustraliaFranceUnited StatesGreat BritainIrelandNew ZealandCanadaBelgiumNetherlandsGermanyHungarySweden23%21%21%19%19%17%36%42%22%32%41%51%47%46%44%38%36%62%62%57%69%Ipsos
 –  This is About How the SunShouldLookFromBostonA Primer on the EclipseStarts: 8:04 A.M.)Height: 9.17 A. M.Ends: 10:36 A. M.At theHeightof theEclipseJanuary 24Eastern standard timeFacts Furnished by Harvard ObservatoryAt its height one-one hundredth of the Sun's diam-eter will remain uncovered and shining.How dark will Boston be? Not even the astronomers know,When was the last such eclipse darkening Boston?1806 (Bowditch records)When will the next visit us? In 1932.The shadow seen January 24 will move slowly fromthe upper right to the lower left of the Sun's dise.Even when darkest remember we are Boston's lead-ing stationers.WE INVITE YOUTOWATCH THEECLIPSE OF THE SUNJAN. 24, 1925With Greater Comfort Because ofUsing TheseT & M COLORED GLASSESFurnished with the compliments ofTHORP & MARTINCOMPANYSTATIONERS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL66 FRANKLIN STREET, BOSTON, MASS.
Oby było warto –  I met my soulmate last nightMost of itMy man! Did you get her number?How do you get most of a number?Call me!512-3 1-2 04Jackie* Trust me.I'm worth itWTF?!?! What are you going to do?512-3 1-2*04SiZ-301-20041512301 21041512-3012204SIZ 301 2304512 301- 2404301 25042604512-321-2504512-321-2604$12-321-2704S12-321-2804512-321-2904$12-331-2004S/2-331-2104S12-531-2204$12-331-2304331-2947504
Aplikacja szybko rośnie w siłę, w ciągu kilku pierwszych godzin zdobyła 5 milionów użytkowników –  19:41AY MORE S.MORESAYTORE1OREⒸ MetaSHOW38DW XASALog in with instagramjho100x ⒸSAY MMOREEADS THREADSallSwitch accountsMOREE S(0)9:41@gwangur 77 oI'm having a debate with my friends-ispineapple on pizza acceptable or a crimeagainst food?♡ av24 replies 12 kesalljiho100xDon't let my Italian grandma hear you...♡ ♡♡a 2 reples 12 likeshidayathere22I just found out that my neighbor's dog has abetter Instagram following than I do. How do Iget on that level?♡ QYtekyou repostedaimi.allover2 ***Best summer memory hearing the ice creamtruck coming down the streetO OY02 replies 12 likesDo9:41< BackCassandra Taylor100xLeo Sun Gemini risingCoffee, pizza, donuts- no particular order 10175k followersFollowThreadsRepliesMentionRepostsjho100xUnderrated spots to unwind after a long day-go!♡ ♡ ♡19 replies 64 likesjiho100x oV excited about the project I've been workingon. The creative journey has been chaotic attimes but I couldn't be more grateful for whereit's at now. Can't wait to share with you allsoonQOYDo
 –  2021How we rescued him...
Może kandydat na gola roku FIFA? –  HOW HALL OSHAEG2003wereCity01:09PORTUGALPOLANDOBRONZE MEDAL MATCHEG20weareunityS
 –  He doesn't know how...SAPOto use the three sea shells!!!C