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Inżynierzy John Fowler, Benjamin Baker oraz Kaichi Watanabe przy pomocy cegieł i krzeseł prezentują sposób działania mostu wspornikowego – Wtedy ich projekt wydawał się szalony, a dziś The Forth Bridge to jeden z symboli Szkocji
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 –  Sairam Gudiseva3t periodNever has a man influenced physics so profoundly as Niels Bohr in the early 1900'sGoing back to this time period, little was known about atomic structure Bohr set outto end the obscurity of physics. However.things didn't come easy for Bohr. He had togive up most of his life for physics and research of many hypothesis. But, this is whyyou and I have even heard of the quantum theory and atomic structures. Bohr camewith his quantum theory while studying at Cambridge Bohr was a skeptic and henever truly believed in Max Planck's old quantum theory, He put forth the idea thatgoing from one high-energy orbit o a lower one, an electron could, in fact, be tryingto emit a quantum of discrete energy. Bohr was criticized for this idea, but he didn'tlet up. Soon after, Bohr said his famed quote, " If quantum mechanics hasn't shockedyou you haven't understood it yet. This quote is extremely famous and has gonedown as the motto for quantum physicist around the world. Understandably, Bohrnever won a Nobel prize outside of physics (of which he only won one). Bohr's stillgoing strong with his theories on atomic structure: he allowed for 100's of scientiststo fully experiment with the cell and its many components. Bohr was largely on therun from the Nazi's when he came up with this discovery, which is amazing becausearound this time, Bohr's home country of Denmark was invaded by the Nazi's. Bohand Ernest Rutherford are given credit, but it is believed that Rutherford decided todesert Bohr in the middle of their work Rutherford once, quite famously said thatyou should never bet against the wonders of science. Niels Bohr's famous careernever really kicked off until he was forty years old. Most other major scientists weregoing all over the world with their ideas by their early twenties However, in orderto preserve the legacy of Niels Bohr, he has his own institution, whose goal is tomake many more great strides in the field of physics for years. How did Bohr affectyou and me? Without Niels Bohrs' more advanced atomic theory, we might as wellcry over how little we know of the atoms and their compounds. Physics would havenever been such a force in the todays society. However, to this day, research is stillgoing on to improve and update the atomic theory. Although scientists clearlyto improve on Bohr's theory, many famous physicists come out publicly and openlysay that Bohr's ideas will never be improved upon, todays society cannot saygoodbye to an opportunity to improve our understanding of the sciences. If Bohrnever had silenced his critics, we would still be following Planck's theories, andgoing on incomplete information, Bohr's later life was all occupied when he decidedto go back to Denmark and head the Royal Danish Academy. His main goal was totell the world of the of the greatness of the Danish Sciences and most likely educatea new crop of scientists for years to come. There is controversy surrounding Bohr'sie during his stint in the Manhattan project. Though he claimed to be anti-violenceand a peace-seeker, Bohr engineered on the Manhattan Project. Though he didn'thurt anyone directly, thousands of people died. Neils Bohr opened many doors foryou and I in the physics world, he will go down as one of the greatest physicists