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Obóz uchodźców – Cieszy tylko w Heroes 3
Źródło: screen i pomysł moje
Dear Bono – List, który Piotr Marzec wysłał do Bono: "Dear Bono, I believe that every Artist has the right to speak his mind and I would consider you the most outspoken  person in show business who always voiced his opinion on so many important both social and political issues. I'm very happy to hear that Poland is still very close to your heart and that just recently you referred to Poland in your speech addressing the Senate subcommittee at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. As far as I know you mentioned Poland in the context of the fight against terrorism and global refugee crisis as an example of 'hyper-nationalism'. To tell you the truth I was speechless when I learned about your take on the current situation in Poland. I dare to say that your knowledge on that subject must be based on a rather questionable source and is far from the truth. Both as a musician and a Polish MP  I would like to invite you to Warsaw to discuss the subject you brought
Tak...wzięliśmy lekcje – Allahu Akbar!!!