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"Mother's Little Helpers" – W Polsce często mamy wizje Ameryki z lat 50 jak z filmów, tradycyjna szczęśliwa rodzinka, matka w kuchni, ojciec wraca z pracy, uśmiechnięte dzieci. Tymczasem był to okres masowej narkomanii kobiet. Gospodynie domowe masowo zażywały silne antydepresanty i psychotropy, a także alkohol. Nazywano je "Mali pomocnicy mamusi" (Mother's little helpers). W dzisiejszej Ameryce obserwuje się podobny trend wśród gospodyń domowych: 'Wine moms' - winne matki (winne od wino). Steady NERVESOH! THATS THECHILDREN PLAYING-SINCE I HAVE BEENTAKING NERVINENOTHING BOTHERS MEHELLO! MARYWHAT TIME WILL-SAY WHAT'S THAT NOISEHOW CAN YOU STAND IT?Dr. Miles NervineYour money back ifit fails to relieveyou. At your drugstore. Small package25 cents. Large pack-age $1.00.DR. MILES' NERVINEA sew drag with specific effectiveness in nand vomining of pregnancy, Momidine cminates the ordeal of moming sicknessWhen you are rest-less, sleepless,nervous, try... WHEN YOU PRESCRIBE NEWMORNIDINE™(BRAND OF PIPAMAZINsix to eight hours, provide excellent relief aday. In patients who are unable to retain mealmedication when first asen, Momidine may beadministered intramusslarly in doses of 5 ng(1),With its selective action on the vomiting center, or the medullary chemoreceptor "trigger2oue Mornidine possesses the advantages ofthe phenothiazise d drugs without unwantedtranquilining activity.Doses of 5 to 10 mg, repeated at intervals ofNOW SHECAN COOKBREAKFASTAGAINMornidine is supplied as tablets of 5 mg andas ampuls of 5 mg (1 cc).G. D. Scarle & Co., Chicago 80, IllinoisResearch in the Service of Medicine,LIQUID ANDEFFERVESCENT TABLETSreaucepsychic tensionValium(diazepam)Nerves jumpy?MILES nervinehelps you feel calmNow and then, tense nerves make you feel jumpy, easilyirritated. Sometimes nervous headache follows. WhyIt's more fun being a mum whenyou have a little help.It's actinglivly mother.You deserve to have a little helSo make vounell sit down whWimans Toulovehicunath, fallength red wine. Andyou feel the Wincamin TonicFord you good. Soachingyourging you extrato cope with family lifeMake Wincams your daily helpyourdailyWENGA BEEnsayhelpWincarnis

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