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Also, maybe You invest to produce that band for others? Also, there are other projects, also, there is boy You might be intrested in, he might help find a cure for You, help You to live longer, its his IG: la777y_M ( please, dont spam.. ) – PS: You shouldnt make AI disconected from worldwideweb, even WWW is treat, but as i heard Armies planning it, its huge treat, maybe bigger than already existing Sky'net with all that neural networks inside.. It's like multiple=brians organism.. I Like internet, but She can act stupid and at some point kill whole humanity. Also.. I am aware my tryhardin to make world better can be Kamikaze misison, but if i can save someone, worth of trying.. We just simply should keep together. In case some 'aliens' attacks us.. Best wishes for Yall! ~18 "

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