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Jak pocałować dziewczynę - poradnik z 1911 roku

 –  Do You Know How to Kiss a Girl?Then Learn!Stand facing her.Do not tell her your intentions.Do not ask permission to kiss her.Look dreamily into her eyes.You may hold her right hand inyour right hand, if you wish.It is well to sigh a couple of timesabout this stage of the game.Whisper softly that her rosebudlips remind you of cupid's bow.She will probably drop her eyesand blush when you say that.CPlace the fingers of your left handunder her chia and tilt back herhead slightly.Draw her gently towards you.Do not hurry.Gaze deeply at the love-lightswhich slumber in her eyes.Sigh once more.Incline your head towards hersuntil your lips- BUT WAIT!Do not kiss her until you knowthat she uses Listerated PepsinGum, the only antiseptic gumin the world, the only chewinggum that makes it safe to kiss.If she is a Listerated Pepsin Gumgirl, kiss her.С.Byı'«ht 1911 by Corn men Sonas Gum C.

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